Assistir dragon ball z goku e seus amigos retornam online dating


He then asks Tarble who Gure is and Tarble introduces her as his wife, much to Vegeta's shock, and he actually bows in respect.

Master Roshi says that Saiyans tend to pick strange wives, which makes Chi-Chi and Bulma mad and hit him for his insult.


Pressured by Vegeta, Trunks pulls out what at first seems like a very short, thin radish, which then turns out to be the longest one (it goes way down the mountain the field is on).Vegeta provova Tarble por confiar no seu scouter para verificar poderes de luta, e para demonstrar, Goku começa a aumentar seu ki.O poder de luta mostrado no scouter aumenta rapidamente para mais de milhões.Goku percebe que a festa está começando e vai até a sala principal. Satan (incluindo Bee e Majin Buu), a família de Goku, os Guerreiros Z (exceto Tien Shinhan e Chaos, que foram incluidos na adapatição de mangá de Naho Ooishi), família do Vegeta, e o grupo de Kame, as pessoas incluem Dende, Mr.

Popo, Karin, Yajirobe, Pual, Lunch, Cutelo, Senhor Kaiô, Bubbles, Gregory, Kibitoshin, e Dai Kaioshin.Goku suggests that they each draw a radish, and the person who draws the longest radish will be the representative.


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