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Judith came back to Britain in the early 1950s and after moving to London got her big break and the chance to join the Daily Express.One of her first big showbusiness stories was an interview with a baby-faced Cliff Richard after his debut number one Living Doll.Minor sabotage was possible as they worked on rocket components, although the punishment for anyone caught was severe.The victories were mostly small and personal, the holding of history or language classes, theatre and music groups, drawing or sharing recipes. However, there was no escaping the everyday atrocities at Ravensbruck.Simons says: “There was one woman who was French who had the surname Churchill."The Germans thought she might be related to Winston Churchill although in fact she wasn’t."They gave her a terrible time, including taking her to the gas chamber and pretending to execute her.“There was another German, I think she was the cook, who used to spend her days off going to look at all these women who were suffering and laughing at them."It gave her pleasure.“Many of the women were forced to be sterilised – those who were mothers had their babies taken away – they weren’t even allowed to breastfeed them.”There were seven separate war crimes trials connected to the six years of savagery at Ravensbruck camp.

” Simons, now 89, was in her early 20s when she was drafted on to Die Welt, a new national paper for Germany set up by the British occupying forces in 1946 with the aim of providing a quality newspaper.“I had learnt German at school and I got the job through the Foreign Office."They said they had a nice job working in the agriculture section."I said ‘I don’t want that, I want to do news’.“The Ravensbruck trials were in Hamburg where we were based."It was exciting and interesting and we were doing a job but I thought they were truly terrible people.”The barbarity of the Nazis at concentration camps such as Belsen and Auschwitz has been well documented, but the degradation that more than 130,000 women suffered at Ravensbruck, just 50 miles north of Berlin on the picturesque banks of Lake Schwedt, has remained largely untold.and the other women prisoners out of the train and onto a truck. There were tables, chairs, benches, windows, and even curtains. He implemented a rewards scheme in the camps, whereby prisoners' "particular achievements" earned them smaller workloads, extra food or monetary bonuses.The female overseer informed the new arrivals that they were "now in a prisoners' brothel." They would live well there, the woman said, with good food and drink, and if they did as they were told, nothing would happen to them. Himmler also considered it beneficial to "provide the hard-working prisoners with women in brothels," as he wrote on March 23, 1942, to Oswald Pohl, the SS officer in charge of the concentration camps.The degradation the women at Ravensbruck suffered was often beyond inhumane.

Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS, had sanctioned brothels for the German army.From there she became a friend to the stars throughout the Swinging Sixties and then the Seventies.


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