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In 1965, the dating was revised to be between 885 and 896. Transliteration Obverse; e(i) (e)asusus kristus= =fil=uis t(e)i fifi inomina b|atris eþ fil|ius ins eþ sb=iritu|s Reverse; k=rist=us (b)i | bius=ank=uis fifiþ | fit=am itirn=a|m k=ustotaþit Transcription ...

A holiday house on Bornholm costs on average USD 450 in the cheap travel period and USD 1,298 in the peak season per week.Visitors can climb the coastal cliffs with views overlooking the sea, in old quarries or in one of the several rift valleys on the island.


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    On June 26, 2012, a subsidiary of the CBS Corporation a letter from CBS Outdoor, a subsidiary of the CBS Corporation, stating that their contract was canceled because the Coalition “used the CBS Outdoor name without permission” in its publicity.

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    maronici, których łączność z Rzymem potwierdzono w 1182, lub Kościół italo-grecki)." W haśle Kościół maronicki czytamy: "Jako jedyny z tej grupy w całości pozostaje w unii z Rzymem". Zgłasza: Loxley (dyskusja) , (CET) W tekście tego hasła jest informacja, że jest to źródłowa rzeka Amazonki, natomiast w haśle Ukajali jest informacja, że jest to jej źródłowa rzeka.

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    However, the trace of her being spotted holding hands with that good looking lad also cannot be denied.

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