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Introduction to Sociology (4) An introduction to the organizing themes and ideas, empirical concerns, and analytical approaches of the discipline of sociology. It examines the key varieties of evidence, sampling methods, logic of comparison, and causal reasoning researchers use in their study of social issues. Freshman Seminar topics will vary from quarter to quarter. Special Topics in Culture, Language, and Social Interaction (4) This course will examine key issues in culture, language, and social interaction.

The course focuses on both classical and contemporary views of modern society, on the nature of community, and on inequality, with special attention to class, race, and gender. The Study of Society (4) A continuation of Sociology/L 1A. Enrollment is limited to fifteen to twenty students, with preference given to entering freshmen. Directed Group Study (4) Small group study and research under the direction of an interested faculty member in an area not covered in regular sociology courses. Sociology of Language (4) An examination of how the understanding of language can guide and inform sociological inquiries and a critical evaluation of key sociological approaches to language, including ethnomethodology, frame analysis, sociolinguistics, structuralism and poststructuralism, and others. Will not receive credit for SOCI 118E and SOCB 118L. Sociology of Sexuality and Sexual Identities (4) Introduction both to the sociological study of sexuality and to sociological perspectives in gay/lesbian studies.

Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity (4) Examination of the role that race and ethnicity play in immigrant group integration. Analyzes contemporary families in the United States, the influences of gender, class, and race, and current issues such as divorce, domestic violence, and the feminization of poverty.

The Family (4) An examination of historical and social influences on family life.

Sociology of Law (4) This course analyzes the functions of law in society, the social sources of legal change, social conditions affecting the administration of justice, and the role of social science in jurisprudence.

Particular attention is given to racial, gender, religious, and disability discrimination, as well as the law’s role in regulating unions, the global economy, and sweatshop labor. Will not receive credit for SOCI 140F and SOCC 140F. Crime and Society (4) A study of the social origins of criminal law, the administration of justice, causes, and patterns of criminal behavior, and the prevention and control of crime, including individual rehabilitation and institutional change, and the politics of legal, police, and correctional reform.


Economy and Society (4) An examination of a central concern of classical social theory: the relationship between economy and society, with special attention (theoretically and empirically) on the problem of the origins of modern capitalism. Special emphasis is placed on the unprecedented opportunities created by contemporary social media (e.g. Sociology of Immigration (4) Immigration from a comparative, historical, and cultural perspective.

Population and Society (4) This course offers insight into why and how populations grow (and decline), and where and under what conditions changes in population size and/or structure change have positive and negative consequences for societies and environment.



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