Leadway pensure online dating

They have a mobile app from which you can oversee your pension account and make the necessary enquiries.

You can also use this app to calculate how much your expected pension will be.


Well, before you make a choice on your pension plan, you may need to speak to representatives of any of the pension fund managers in the country.

Leadway Pensure have led the line in pension fund administation for many years due to their excellent customer service.

#8 Fidelity Pension Managers Limited Fidelity Pension Managers Limited is a pension fund administrator in Nigeria that has been recognized globally as the best PFA in the country.

However, if you’d like to increase your retirement savings, you can include the voluntary contribution option.

The voluntary contribution is particularly interesting for those that have set retirement goals and need to have a specified amount of money in their account before they retire.They provide regular investment strategy and returns to employees and beneficiaries.



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