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When it was over, the stranger left and my boyfriend and I checked out of the hotel and headed home.All was well for a few weeks after we returned…until I missed my period.After graduation we decided to move in together, but things started to change somewhere around year two of our post-college bliss.He became a little distant and I wasn't sure why.

He will slut you out to this man and then leave you and your reputation in the trash. ” But I didn’t believe her, this man had loved me since college, he would never hurt me like that.My choice to go to school out of state was seen as abandonment."What am I going to do for a date to the church picnic?Initially I wallowed in self-pity and wondered how I could be so dumb.

Then I stared at her little face wondering how I will explain who her daddy is?

I hid in shame for eight months before I gave birth to a healthy baby girl with my mom and BFF at my side.


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