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Stage credits include: Amateur productions of "The Wizard Of Oz", "The King & I" & "Alice In Wonderland"; an Australian national tour of "Grease"; "Sweet Bird Of Youth" in 2002 for the Melbourne Theatre Company; and David Williamson's "Face To Face" for Melbourne's Playbox Theatre.


In his new movie, Adkins plays a retired MMA fighter who can't resist a million-dollar purse for one final fight in the jungles of Myanmar, but things don't go as planned—instead of a fight, he must battle his way against a heavily armed group that has paid to hunt and kill him, making the hunters become the hunted. Adkins keeps himself in shape with sparring and fight training. I get it done, but I’d rather do some martial arts-type training.It was hard to stay in shape during the movie but I was so active making it anyway.



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    If a teen gets a text from someone asking for an explicit photo, the app suggests an alternative meme, like a photo of a trash can with the corresponding text, “here’s a picture of my junk.” Whether they solicit the help of such high tech aids, however, parents can discourage sexting by being more aware of what their pre-teens and teens are sharing and seeing on social media.

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